Travel & tourism is a dynamic and fast-changing industry.  As new technologies are developed and improved, this significantly increases the pace at which corporates need to be serviced.

Corporates require assistance in a range of services and travel strategies that will drive long term savings.  Corporate travel management companies (TMC’s) manage a company's strategic approach to travel spend according to their specific travel policy.  It involves the negotiations with all vendors, day-to-day operation of the corporate travel plans, traveller safety & security, credit-card management and T&E data management.

*T&E - Travel & Expense


The core mission of a TMC is traveller safety & service.  We focus on knowing how to protect and serve travellers throughout their entire trip.  Club Travel Corporate is a TMC with a broader vision of its core mission; one that can evolve with the times, the trends and the technology.

Club Travel Corporate Business Development Manager, Mohammed Jogee shares his thoughts on trends that will likely revolutionise the travel industry in the next 2 – 3 years.


With the dominance of smartphones and tablets in the hands of travellers and the transformational nature of these devices, travel spend will continue to move to mobile.  New personalised services will be facilitated by intelligent assistants and will be available on a variety of wearable technology.

The other big trend we will see would be around mobile technology.  The interesting bit of technology that has been around for some time now but has the potential to explode this year is around Beacon technology.  With Apple making significant improvements to its iBeacon technology in iOS7, there is hope that there will be greater adaptation of the technology.  In the travel industry it can be used by airlines to seamlessly communicate with customers.


Open Booking will gain momentum, but will likely only be adopted by select companies whose corporate culture supports this approach.

The concept of Open Booking has been a hot topic over the last two years.  The prem­ise of Open Booking, is simple: Companies set targets for trips, and allow travellers complete freedom to book through any channel based on meeting or beating the benchmark.  Managed travellers are then incentivised to find lower rates and must share their itineraries with the company in order to support corporate duty of care requirements.  Various tools have emerged to capture out-of-channel bookings made directly with suppliers.  Because Open Booking technology can capture out-of-channel bookings into the managed program, it benefits all enterprises, even those that don’t want to implement an Open Booking policy.


Business travel is dominated by one driving force – not economics or saving money, but the same motivation which drives the leisure traveller...  people!  Finding a common ground, breathing the same air as the people we work with or talk to.  Meeting your associates and potential business partners face to face.  Perhaps this is why corporates still prefer to travel for that important meeting, rather than listening to keynote conference speakers on a video relay.

Travel is about building trust with business colleagues, understanding local cultural context and being able to relate to customers on a personal level.

I do not believe that business travel will move away from the need to physically travel to shake the hand and seal the deal with a new partner.


Mohammed Jogee is Business Development Manager of Club Travel Corporate, a TMC located in Rosebank, Johannesburg.  He was born in Zimbabwe, and now calls Johannesburg home having had stints living abroad in the UK and Dubai.

Mohammed is a graduate of the Tourism Training Institute and Regenysys Business School, where he completed courses in Travel & Tourism, Sales & Marketing and Higher Business Management.

After graduation, Mohammed launched his career in the UAE, where he was employed by Emirates Airlines as part of their Cabin Crew.  Then eventually found his way back to home soil, and took up the position of Sales Executive at Tourvest.  His next port of call was Duma Travel in the capacity of Head of Business Development.

Mohammed is an adventurous traveller known for exploring weird and crazy places around the world and a football fanatic in the truest sense.