We were contacted by KFM to once again partner with them in their annual 'Xmas Wish' initiative.

Nikolas was born a healthy and happy little boy, when two months later tragedy struck. A terrible fall resulted in brain damage. Nikolas was left blind, paralyzed, and unable to communicate with anyone. 

His devoted mother Nicoleen looks after him. She has to carry him up two flights of stairs to get to their flat. 

One of the hardest physical challenges is bath time. Nicoleen has been trying to save up money for a special bath lift to help Nikolas. Club Travel volunteered to assist by giving Nicoleen the bath lift, valued at R21 000. We also assisted with a R5 000 Canal Walk gift voucher, so that Nicoleen can buy something for Nikolas and hopefully something special for herself. 

Have a listen to this special moment here.

KFM wish 2014