From humble beginnings to a community project, Breaking Barriers Community Outreach is an organization seeking to change the face of the community of Hazendal in Athlone. The project provides much needed support to local schools in the area with learners who have challenges mainly with Maths and Literacy. They host literacy and math classes for both primary and secondary school learners on a weekly basis and at the same time provide a safe place for these kids, instead of being home alone due to their parents working and unable to afford alternative after-school care arrangements.

The project also feeds the community on a daily basis, depending on the assistance of friends and donors, as well as fund raising. Two months ago, with the assistance of the City of Cape Town, they took ownership of a building from which the project is now housed and managed. Prior to this, Breaking Barriers was run from the homes of the volunteers, so the use of a multipurpose centre has been a big improvement to the outreach and the community as a whole.

Club Travel, with our partners from Air France and KLM, where able to help Breaking Barriers set up their kitchen allowing them to be fully functional in their newly acquired space.

What started with a meal, has now grown to an outreach project that inspires and assists an entire community.

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