The saying is true that there are angels walking among us. This is can be said of Naas and Miems Vermaak. They opened up their home 13 years ago and have since dedicated their lives to caring for and taking in babies orphaned, abandoned and neglected. Since opening their doors in 2003 they have housed more than 500 babies and when you talk to Miems and Naas, they could easily remember them all.

Ouma en Oupa, as they are fondly referred to by the volunteers and caregivers employed at the safe house, are meticulous in their endeavour to care for and love the little gifts that have passed over their threshold. Just one look at the precious faces of the littles one is enough to touch even the hardest of hearts and recognise that we need more angels like the team at Ubuntu House to do the work they do. Roshana September from our ticketing department nominated this cause and made full use of the opportunity to volunteer her service at feeding time.

Club Travel donated diapers and formula to Ubuntu House and commend Naas and Miems for the wonderful work they do providing a place of refuge and safety.

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