Mug & Tree is a community outreach project located in Krugersdorp. This NPO works amongst the poorest of the poor in the Apple Park and surrounding areas serving 300 people per day. The project was established in 2012 and managed by Estelle Opperman and Trudie Naudé. A truly formidable team, bringing much needed help to a community stricken with impoverishment and making a lasting difference all at the same time.  Cornelia Stengel from Core Travel nominated this cause which is close to her heart and we were really happy to support this cause by donating groceries to assist Mug & Tree to continue the work they do in feeding and caring for those in need.

A very big thank you to our partners who helped make this wish come true:
Contiki, Trafalgar, Busabout, Uniworld Cruises, Insight Vacations

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