We headed out to Grabouw to meet Aunty Poppie and all the beautiful 200 to 300 children she feeds on a daily basis.  We arrived just as lunch was about to be served and watched as Aunty Poppie got the kids to queue with their bowls they bring along for each meal.  We got stuck in and dished lunch up before treating the kids to biscuits and niknaks we brought along.  We also wanted to spoil Aunty Poppie so had a special ‘pamper hamper’ for her to enjoy.

Marisa wished that Aunty Poppie would be assisted with grocery supplies on a more regular basis as she currently relies on donations and sometimes doesn’t have enough to feed the kids who queue at her house, especially when the apple season is over and there is not much work for the locals.  Club Travel’s gift was 12 x R1000 Checkers/Shoprite vouchers and a filled gas bottle for Aunty Poppie to cook with.  We hope that the R1000 grocery voucher per month for the next year will help Aunty Poppie continue filling the bellies of the gorgeous kids we met.

Aunty Poppie is a community leader and besides feeding the kids, she also makes sure they are taught to pray before their meal, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and respect one another.  Thank you Marisa for nominating Aunty Poppie and for the fabulous work you do at Shop For A Stranger

Aunty Poppie of Grabouw Social Media