We received our first birthday gift... a gift of love from Development Promotions!  This gift consisted of 300kg Mielie Meal, 80kg Sugar and 100kg Rice for Little Lambs who work in the Dunoon township community.   We had also heard about two children Little Lambs had taken off the street when they found a little 5 year old girl carrying her 18 month baby brother on her back.  Their mother, Pumza, was at work and only earning R1000 a month for a 7 day week job.  She had no ID document or birth certificates for herself or her children but with help from the team at Little Lambs, she has now obtained her documentation and the kids are in a crèche with the fees being sponsored.   Pumza has also been empowered with a necklace beading job through Little Lambs and is now able to care for her family with the help of Development Promotions who bought beads for her to add to her stock.

Thank you Development Promotions for spreading the love!

To read more about the other amazing projects run by Little Lambs, visit www.littlelambsnpo.co.za

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