In between our bigger projects throughout the year, we try and grant as many wishes as possible – no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.


Building on our long-standing friendship with CHOC, we donated 13 beds & linen for their home in Plumstead. CHOC operates several homes throughout South Africa, where families & children are housed whilst the little ones receive life-saving treatment for cancer.

chocbed1   chocbed2



We had a very unique request come in to assist a family on the West Coast just before the 2016 festive season.

Thinking they were expecting a brand new baby, the family were delighted (albeit shocked and completely unprepared) for the unexpected arrival of triplets!

Thanks to Club Cares, they were gifted enough nappies and other baby toiletry essentials to see them through the first few weeks – alleviating the immense financial burden that comes with the arrival of 3 little souls into the world.




We were more than happy to show some support for a local basketball team, the Western Cape Mountaineers, by donating 20 backpacks to them.

The team does quite a bit of travelling locally, and were in need of some bags.

Accepting the donation at the Club Travel offices in Durbanville is team manager, AJ Robertson.

 AJ Robertson WCape Mountaineers Basketball small



One of our group partners, Giles Clinton, participated in a cycling tournament in his personal capacity to raise funds for CHOC. Club Cares supported his efforts by donating R5 000 towards his chosen charity. We are very proud of his involvement and drive to help this amazing organisation.



Little Nicela was born with a growth on her left upper body and a very short life expectancy of about 5 months. Today, almost 3 years later, she has grown into a happy little girl thanks to the dedication, love and support of her adoptive family. Having supported some fundraising efforts by her family in the past, Club Cares was happy to jump in and assist in covering a portion of a medical bill for some critical work that had to be done on her left hand. The surgeon on duty, Prof. Graewe, did most of the work pro-bono, with Nicela’s medical aid only covering a portion of the remaining bill.

If, like us, you’d like to follow Nicela’s incredible journey (with lots of laughs and giggles along the way), be sure to have a look at her Facebook page HERE or visit her website by CLICKING HERE.

nicela smile