Club Travel & The Cart Horse Protection Association have been ‘friends’ for some time now, with the work CHPA does being very close to our hearts.

This year, we decided to direct all fundraising efforts at our Franchise year-end functions towards alleviating some of the financial needs of CHPA.

Our Franchise department held two functions (one in Johannesburg & one in Cape Town) in late November, where we hosted all our valued industry suppliers and partners from our group of agents and independent travel consultants, along with our staff.   We sold raffle tickets at these two events, with lucky winners receiving fabulous gifts sponsored by Club Travel & some of our suppliers.

We also directed all monies raised at our annual ‘Day at the Races’ – an event where we thank our suppliers for their support throughout the year, by hosting them for a fun day at Kenilworth Race Course – by adding the winnings of the friendly table bets to the funds raised at our two Franchise events.

This bring the total amount raised to R25 000, which the Club Travel Marketing & Franchise teams handed over to Megan and her team on Thursday, 8 December 2016. We also didn’t forget the “stars of the show”, and took along some carrots & apples, which our team delighted in feeding to the horses at CHPA’s Epping location.

The Club Travel team hands over the cheque to the CHPA   Our team looks on as CHPA go about their daily chores