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5 Reasons Why You Need an Escape to Madagascar

5 Reasons Why You Need an Escape to Madagascar

The island that Darwin fell in love with

Madagascar, also known as the Red Island, is the fourth largest island in the world. This hidden paradise is home to some of the richest tropical rainforests and diverse wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The unique ecology has led some scientists to refer to the country as the “eighth continent” of the world. It is also rich in culture and heritage, evidenced in its vibrant history, traditional practices and customs. This is a dream destination for adventurists and lovers of the outdoors. You’ll get to see things you won’t see anywhere else in the world! Here are a few reasons why you need an escape to this extraordinary island.

The rainforests of the Atsinanana

Madagascar boasts a variety of national parks. The Atsinanana World Heritage Site comprises 6 of the most fascinating parks in the country with picture-perfect waterfalls in rugged mountains, crystalline rock pools, dramatic landscapes and captivating scenery. This is the perfect site for an island adventure. The enchanting fauna and flora that inhabit the parks make it the epitome of paradise! The parks are a nature lover’s sanctuary and offer a one of a kind experience.

Unique Wildlife

The deep Madagascan forest is home to a dizzying range of fantastical plants and animals, one of their most famous being the lemur. The country is home to a variety of rare and endemic species such as the lemurs, flying foxes, mongooses,leaf-tailed gecko, chameleons and fascinating creatures such as the legendary fossas which resembles a cross between a cat and dog. If getting up close and personal to wildlife makes your heart beat a little faster, this wondrous island would be a perfect escape!

Picturesque beaches & Island lifestyle

The Madagascan coastline is one of the Indian Ocean’s best kept secrets. Madagascar consists of a number of beautiful islands with stunning reefs and pristine beaches. Perfect for relaxing and soaking in the sun after a hike through the Madagascan rainforests. Ocean lovers can also snorkel with the turtles, scuba-dive and sail. The tranquil islands are perfect for those seeking a relaxing and peaceful getaway.

The people

Madagascar is amazingly diverse and rich in cultural heritage with fascinating and intricate spiritual beliefs. The Malagasy people are extremely cultured and unaffected by globalisation/westernisation, which makes them very modest and easy going. They are known for their friendliness and hospitality. The forefathers of Madagascar have always believed that “They who drink the water from the Manangareza River always come back to Madagascar”. So be warned… once you visit, you may never want to leave.

Baobab trees

The iconic Avenue of Baobabs photographed at sunset… what a dream! The Avenue of Baobabs is one of Madagascar’s many wonders. Their exotic and unique upside down appearance is the reason that’s led to the mythical stories of its origin. According to ancient Arabic mythology, it was the devil who pulled the tree out of the earth and replanted it upside down. Some believe that when God created baobab trees, they kept running away, and so they were planted upside down. Nonetheless, this spot is perfect for picnics and for watching the tropical sun slowly tuck away behind the exotic trees.

Planning a trip?! Madagascar is the ultimate holiday destination! Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, adventure or simply seeking solace, you will have the time of your life! Check out our amazing packages to Africa and let us help you enjoy the wonders of Madagascar!

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